Getting Started

First Steps

  • Join our chat and say hello in any of the rooms!
  • Find a feature ticket that you’d be excited to work on. There are two pieces of rovercode, and therefore two collections of tickets: rovercode-web tickets (the web app) and rovercode tickets (the code that runs on the rover hardware).
  • Get set up by following the READMEs: rovercode-web README or rovercode README. We work hard to make setup work right, but remember to reach out in the chat room if you have any issues!
  • Create a branch off the development branch called something like <ISSUE_NUMBER>-some-cool-feature.
  • Make your changes and commit them!
  • Make a pull request of your branch against development.

If you are new to using GitHub to collaborate, they have a nice guide to get the basic idea of it.

You can get in touch with the folks at rovercode in lots of ways:

And if you ever need to, we’d be happy to set up a time to video chat and screen-share!

Coding Standard

We use Python’s PEP8 coding standard. The READMEs have instructions for running a style-checker (prospector) that will tell you if you have any style issues. If you can’t seem to make it happy, just make your pull request anyway, and we’ll help you get it straightened out!

Code of Conduct

We expect all interactions related to rovercode to meet our code of conduct. Please report any violations by emailing .